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PostSubject: TIPS AND TRICKS   TIPS AND TRICKS Icon_minitimeWed Aug 01, 2007 5:33 pm

Pang. Sure, a little extra cash on the side is nice, but Pang is so much more
important. You see, if the scores are even, then Pang is the tiebreaker. The
extra Pang you can milk out of your shots usually only makes a difference in
short (3 hole or 6 hole) games, but an 18 hole game being decided by less
than 10 Pang is not unheard of. Therefore, you should try to earn as much
pang as you can.

OVERDRIVE: On your first shot of each hole, every yard the ball travels
farther than the 'estimated' distance, you get 1 pang. So do
whatever it takes to get more. There are several holes that
allow you to bounce the ball off a hard surface (i.e. cement
path, a volcano...) to get an extra ten to thirty yards.
Take advantage of 'em. Also, if you only want to go 190
yards on the drive, don't use a 1W and reduce the power.
Use a 3W at max power instead, for example.
** Note that hitting a super pangya doubles your overdrive
pang, so using a powershot on holes with a good overdrive
opportunity ain't a bad idea either.
NICE APPROACH: Not only does putting the ball right next to the hole give
you an easy putt, you'll also rack up anywhere from four to
over twenty pang for landing the ball within a few yards.
TOMAHAWK/COBRA: Not everyone can pull off a special shot with ease, but take
10 pang for nailing one of these shots, add the practically
guaranteed overdrive points (and multiply that by two if you
hit a Super PangYa), and that's at least twenty pang. Which
can be enough to steal a victory in short games.
LONG PUTT: Picture this -- you're tied with another player, but he's
well ahead of you in pang. You're both about 180 yards from
the hole. He shoots first, and lands it within 3 yards. From
the looks of it, he'll sink the putt for sure, tie with you
(if he doesn't win outright), and win on pang. If there's no
risk of falling into third place, why not intentionally land
on the green around 20 yards (or more) from the hole, and
try for a Long Putt? At least you'll have a shot at winning.
BEAM IMPACT: If your chipping is solid, you can try hitting as close to
the hole as possible without being on the green, and then
attempt to land the ball in the hole without bouncing. It's
worth a cool 100 pang, so if all else fails...

Several holes have an island set in the middle of a water hazard, all covered
in rough. Usually, landing on one of these islands will put you in a position
to shave one stroke off your score. Being able to hit these pieces of land
all the time without getting your ball wet will make winning games a whole
lot easier. And sometimes aiming for the rough is simply a better shot than
going for the fairway.

Oh sure, it's tempting to bean the ball as far as you can. "Hey, I'm pretty
sure I can clear that water hazard..." But whether you're 60 yards or 200
yards away from the hole, you'll still be able to get on the green in one
shot. Don't take stupid risks if it's not even going to help your score.
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PostSubject: Good one   TIPS AND TRICKS Icon_minitimeWed Aug 01, 2007 6:20 pm

Thx, haha helped me to past-time +my pangya skillz
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