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 Pangya event going on!

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Pangya event going on! Empty
PostSubject: Pangya event going on!   Pangya event going on! Icon_minitimeThu Aug 02, 2007 6:24 pm

Dear Pangsters,

Singapore’s birthday is coming, and everyone in PangyaSEA is getting ready for her birthday celebration! Join in the birthday hype with us as you tee off in the fairway. Who knows - you may even receive a a mystery gift!

Date: 2nd August 2007 to 16th August 2007

Mystery Gift

8090 PANGS



It’s your luck! To unwrap your Gift Box, you may go to “My Room” > Usable Items” and right-click on the Gift Box to reveal your mystery gift.

Event Details

1. This event will be held for 2 weeks, from 2nd August to 16th August 2007.

2. Players can play in ANY modes. The Gift Box will pop out randomly from the hole-cup.

3. Players who have received the Gift Box may go to “My Room” > “Usable Item” and right-click on the Gift Box in order to exchange for a mystery gift.

Rules and Regulations

1. If the player has already received the avatar item from the gift box, he/she will not receive the same item again.
2. Players of all levels are welcome

- PangyaSEA Event Administrator
-Copied @ the 99starz by 99starz guild ldr
Basketball <(Good luck!)
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Pangya event going on!
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