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 How to chip in^_^

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How to chip in^_^ Empty
PostSubject: How to chip in^_^   How to chip in^_^ Icon_minitimeThu Aug 30, 2007 9:30 pm

1. Check the distance to the hole. This is a red number indicated directly above the hole, such as 228y.
2. Check the elevation. This is a white number next to the distance to the hole, mentioned in step one. Add this to the hole's distance, unless it's negative, then you subtract it.
3. Find the correct number to compensate for the extra distance a club gets on backspin. With the optimal spin stat, 7 spin, these will be: 1W - 3y, 2W - 5y, 3W - 7y, and all irons, about 9y. Subtract this from the number you got in step 2.
4. Factor in the wind. For every 1m of vertical wind, the effect will be about .6 tiles on the green for 1w, .8 for 2w, and a full 1.0 tile for 3w. After you add or subtract the correct number here, you have the power you must use.
5. Calculate your power bar for the club you are using. Take the club's maximum power and divide it by 10. Each notch/small line on the powerbar is this number, 10% of the maximum power. For example, a 240y club would be 24y per notch. This means every 5% is 12y, every 2.5% is 6y, 1.25% is 3y, etc.
6. Figure out where on the power meter (it must be above 80%, or the second to the last notch) you need to hit to get the power you need.
7. Find out your horizontal aim. For every 1m of wind horizontally (left and right), you need to adjust this many green tiles (approximately): 1W - .6, 2W - .8, 3W - 1.0
8. Figure in the slope your ball lies on. Start the power meter and look at the model ball in the lower left corner. If your ball is on a slope, black "steps" should show around the green horizontal line. Count these steps and multiply by two. This is how many tenths of a tile you must move (count 4 steps and move .8 tiles).
9. Adjust left or right accordingly the number of tiles you figured.
10. Enable a powershot, start the power meter, set your desired power, and nail a tomahawk with power backspin.
11. Pray it goes in.

Tips [edit]

* The optimal spin rating is 7 spin. This is the maximum you can have without the ball popping over the hole on the backspin.
* You can use any power stat you want, however, most players tend to prefer a 240y 1W power (without powershot) and 28-29 control, to make nailing a tomahawk easier.
* If the wind is too high, or your ball is on a bad slope, or if you have any big doubts about a shot, you may be best off saving your powershot for later on an easier attempt.
* A tomahawk with backspin is completed by enabling a powershot, setting power above 80%, and pressing "tap up, tap down, hold down" arrow keys before you hit pangya, but after the bar comes below 50%. Be sure you apply backspin on the ball before you shoot with control+down arrow key.
* Don't give up! Try practicing it in Family Mode, where you can have four tries at the same shot and use unlimited items (power potions) to try this. Set the holes to Blue Moon Back 3 to start on a par 3.

Warnings [edit]

* Missing perfect pangya on your attempt will send your ball astray, and possibly into O.B/Water Hazard. Be sure you are ready to accept the consequences if you fail.
* This should only be tried if you have some experience in the game and can nail tomahawk shots fairly consistently.

Things You'll Need [edit]

* Albatross18 game client
* An in-game powershot
* Ability to calculate simple math relatively quickly (this all needs to be done under 2 minutes, and can easily be accomplished), or a simple calculator (this is not encouraged, as it is against the rules)
* Patience and a sense of timing
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How to chip in^_^
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