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 Tipz for ice cannon 1st hole

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Tipz for ice cannon 1st hole Empty
PostSubject: Tipz for ice cannon 1st hole   Tipz for ice cannon 1st hole Icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2007 7:46 pm

Ok now this trick has a 40% failing rate(may use max curve item BUT DUN max it, just curve it like about 45%), guess many ppls knew this but i would like to write it one more time for those who don't know.In ice cannon, players mostly win others in pang!So, in the 1st holes, some ppls will shoot to the <<<(min get 0 pangs if land on rough,max u will get 240pangs)BUT some of them would Tomahawk to the >>>(if tomahawk success, min will get 200 pangs if stuck at middle and max would reach to green![like 300pangs,x2 = 600pangs])BUT HOW ABOUT WHEN U MISSED TOMAHAWK? 0pangs or maybe OB! TT.TT badddd...
Sooooo, heres a tip for you
Conditions accepted:
wind: if blew againts us max is 8m, other directions will be max 5m,if its blowing to ^^,max its 6m[control your pwr if its more]
OK now u get the conditions, lets see how to shoot
1st, curve the ball to the < (the dot, bring it to the <[left])then aim at the MOST CORNER of the ice slope(follow wind condition)then estimate ur wind effect+the ball range(u must shoot with min 234y and max 240y, so u must estimate it)example, i have a 5m wind blowing to ^^^, and my range is 25oy, so i probally will decrease some 5--6--mm of the bar.(to make it like 235 yards like that)Then try not to hit pangya(hit oso nvm)hit a lttle bit more than the white line to the >>e.g. [a is blue thick line,v is white line, c is hit place]aaaaavaacaa<<<hit like this, then WOOOOOOOSH , if it success, u will be rich, but because of no x2 pangs, u will only get a maximum pangs of 250pangs.OK THX!
From:The Masterz
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Tipz for ice cannon 1st hole
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