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 yap alyssa secret message

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PostSubject: yap alyssa secret message   Thu Oct 11, 2007 6:32 pm

Sui Weng,
Oh! I understand now .And I don't
want to play anything about Pangya ! I don't care what type of Pangya
is that! By the way,my brother accidentally saw your e-mail.He said
that your grammer is so bad,wanna means want to so you don't need to
write "to " behind the wanna.Ok,do you know?Bye. Alyssa

Sui Weng:
I never forget to sent letter
to my BEST BEST FRIENDS.Tell them that sending letters is very slow and
please own a e-mail address so that we can contact faster.They can also
call me .My phone no. is 001 425 7764282.Remember, USA's time is 15
hours before Malaysia's.
Tell teacher and 6J
not to worry about me. You know what, I will be an assistant that help
the Chinese teacher to teach Chinese every Saturday.So, I wouldn't
forget Chinese easily.
Sui Weng, I'm so angry because
only you and Michelle send e-mail to me.What about 6J?Oh ya! Tell Su
May that I wish her a Happy Birthday on 21 Sep .Sampai di sini buat
kali ini.Sampaikan salam saya kepada 6J dan keluargamu.Bye.
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PostSubject: Re: yap alyssa secret message   Thu Oct 11, 2007 11:53 pm

Alyssa sent this 4 u ?
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yap alyssa secret message
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