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 December Christmas Event

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Witch prize should i choose if i won in the event?
a) A devil wing
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b)A top/ bottom/acceserry/decoration/item/hairstyle (@-cash) below 6,000@-cash
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PostSubject: December Christmas Event   Sat Oct 20, 2007 10:11 pm

Be amazed on the coming up christmas, with tons of fun-filled christmas themed event going on! There will be a coming up event this christmas.

Information: Please keep on checking it out here, further information about the event will be composed here~

Just take note at the guild home and guild notices oftenly.

Prizes: the 1st in the tournement match gets to choose among two prizes:

a) A devil wing
b)A top/ bottom/acceserry/decoration/item/hairstyle (@-cash) below 6,000@-cash

*b choice will be better for those who already have a devil wing.

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December Christmas Event
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