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 IGN event(e2pkg-1/5)

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IGN event(e2pkg-1/5) Empty
PostSubject: IGN event(e2pkg-1/5)   IGN event(e2pkg-1/5) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 28, 2007 9:36 pm

Owh.(from master)using a same IGN for a loooooooong time seems boring, so , instead, I made up an event about my IGN(hehe), This is a package event (second one).For the first event, it will be this^^

1)IGN(s) given must not have sexual or rude words included.
2)You can submit as many IGN(s) as you wish, therefor, an account(1 IGN) can only have ONE of those chosen.
3)The template of the IGN MUST be:
[xxx]<A picture><name> OR [xxx]<name><a picture> OR <a picture><name> OR <name><a picture>
4)All IGN(s) submitted cannot be more than 16 letters (thus, this is the limit)*brackets and the letters in it are also counted, morover the symbols ([ & ])
5)Can't be any imitation, IGN(s) must be clean.
6)No using of other player's name *(e.g. a player's name is [xxx](angel)harlo, therefore, IGN cant be simmilar, like [xxx](angel)harrlo OR others as same.)
7)For other information, please log on to and click current event going on
8)masters and sub master's decission is final, any quarellments won't be solved.
9)Winner will recieve an e-point card (with code) by MAIL, so, if you didn't write your home address when you register to join this guild, kindly write them at the guild's forum>members corner, log on to

The master
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IGN event(e2pkg-1/5)
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