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 Hole 1&2

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Hole 1&2 Empty
PostSubject: Hole 1&2   Hole 1&2 Icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2007 6:41 pm

afro<(Silvia cannon is a tough map taught!)
Total Stroke: 4 Par
Difficulty level: Fair
Special shot require: Tomahawk
Expected score: Birdie (-1)
Ideal distance for alternative route: 240y ++
Detail guidance:

The are 2 ways that I provide in this guide. The white line, that is the saver path, and the red line is the more risk but you will get good score. Beware of the cannon, when it shot, you will have difficulty. Make sure you finish your stroke before the cannon shot.
White line is simple, 1st hit, just hit on the fairway, 2nd hit is a bit tricky, for those who have power below 240y, you must use TOMAHAWK. for those more than 240y, you can just hit as usual.
Red line is a bit tricky, 1st hit you must be careful to put your ball. There are small cannon and small black metal object there. Put your ball in between these 2 objects, so that you have a clear shot on the 2nd shot. If you did the 1st shot right then the 2nd shot is piece of cake. For those below 240y, as usual use TOMAHAWK. For those more then 240y just hit as usual
Hole 02

Total Stroke: 3 Par
Difficulty level: Fair
Special shot require: Tomahawk Powerspin
Expected score: Hole In One (-2), Birdie (-1)
Ideal distance for alternative route: 240y ++
Detail guidance:

Eventhough this map has 3 stars rating, but you’ll have a chance to do a HIO on the early hole. Distance between Tee and Hole is around 240y~250y. So for those who has only 230y distance, im sorry to tell it is rather hard to get HIO. Oh yes, 1 more thing, you MUST do it fast in this hole, cause if the BIG CANNON shot, you’ll be having hard time.
White line is saver path for those who has 230y distance. The chance you’ll get high score is low. Par is the most average score if you follow this path. Except you are lucky enough to chip in the ball on 2nd shot ^^.
Red line is for those 240y and over. Tomahawk powerspin is require to do HIO. You guy’s should know how to calculate right? Smile). If you are unsure or don’t know how to do a Tomahawk Powerspin then you can just hit as usual using powerspin only. Just land the ball as near as possible to the hole, because Hole 2 has a terrible green slope.

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Hole 1&2
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