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 Wind hill guide

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Wind hill guide Empty
PostSubject: Wind hill guide   Wind hill guide Icon_minitimeFri Aug 31, 2007 9:01 pm

As you may all know, WindHill is rated AAA map, and possibly the second hardest map to get a decent score (although the pang is relatively higher than Silvia Cannon)

Before I move on, here's a question that people often ask :

What is the similarities and difference between WindHill and Sepia Wind?
The only similarities is the layout of the map, it is exactly the same between WindHill and Sepia Wind

1) There are more obstacles in WindHill than Sepia Wind
2) At certain areas there are random winds normally known as tunnel wind in WindHill, where you don't see this in Sepia Wind. That is why aiming is one of the most nerve-wrecking task to roughly calculate for cells at any Par 3 holes (except Hole 2)
3) Sepia Wind rough is 95%, WindHill is 85%, more punishing in power penalty.
4) WindHill putt is even worse, because the slope is very uneven and the ball will tend to steer worse than any other maps.
5) WindHill tee is further away from Sepia Wind, although sometimes it is not so dramatic.
6) WindHill fairways and greens are bouncy, making Backspin Chip-ins even harder than it seems at any other maps.

What to bring?

You need at least a character with 246y 1W drive and above to get low scores at most holes. Around 240y is still fine, although it will pose a dangerous disadvantage when playing WindHill. Please be reminded however, that if you decided to use any character beyond 240y, it will cause a penalty to control and accuracy (We are still in Season 2) so if you are using 246y and above, you need to hit pangya regularly or you will not get a decent score in WindHill

Pots Build for WindHill
Build 1 (Pang Conserver)
2 Power Pots
2 Spin Mastery
The rest allocated to starries or relaxers

- Able to conserve pangs as long as minimum power pots and spin pots is 2 each.
- May not perform extra special shots at certain areas.

Build 2 (Common Build)
3/4 Power Pots (more to 4)
2 Spin Mastery
The rest allocated to starries or relaxers

- The most common build if you are using 246y and above
- Could be a little bit disadvantagous if you insist in using 3 power pots instead of 4

Build 3 (For those who can hit pangya regularly)
6 Power Pots
2 Spin Mastery

- This build are for chiongsters, but will not be good and waste of pangs for those who cannot hit pangya well.
- Very useful once Season 3 comes to our server.

I'd recommend Build 2 because you will be using characters with 246y 1W and above, causing a control penalty. Lower control will have more potential to miss pangya compared to those who stick between 240y and 244y 1W drive. Therefore, you need to allocate some of the item slots for Relaxers or Starries. Once Season 3 has come however, high-ranked pangsters can go up to 250y WITHOUT hurting control and accuracy due to the new rules for Season 3, so Build 3 will be useful once we get Season 3.

Pang Score System
Albatross/Hole In One (HIO) - 180 pangs
Eagle - 96 pangs
Birdie - 48 pangs
Par - 16 pangs
Bogey and worse follows like any other maps.

Hole 1

This one is pretty simple, you can get Overdrives easily even with a tunnel wind in front of you. If you remember how to do the pathway trick in Sepia Wind, you can do the same at WindHill for some nice Overdrives, provided that you roughly know where the tunnel wind will blow.

The putt, however is a little tricky in this hole. You need to be careful when adjusting for a putt because WindHill slope is steeper than Sepia Wind. Don't be surprised if you come here for the first time, sooner or later you realize that in Wind Hill, you need extra adjusement to compensate.

Hole 2

This is a Par 3, but its 300y+ to the hole. The most common way pangsters do is to hit to the right hand side of the fairway (close to the lake) and then approach for a Par. Unlike Sepia Wind, WindHill pin locations are close to rough areas, so be cautios when approaching the green.

Like Sepia Wind, the only way to birdie this hole is by hitting a Cobra Frontspin on the lake. Be aware that an additional windmill will block your way.
I recommend that you try this shot ONLY if your drive is 246y and above and wind is 7m and above.

Hole 3

Again, its a straightforward Par 4 Hole. Steer away from the tree for your tee shot. Then, your 2nd shot will determine whether you should Birdie it or Par. Because the hole is elevated, the ball will tend to land at the rough first if you initially hit a 224y with 204y left, rendering your ball to the rough. So it is better If you use 244y Backspin even if its 204y left, would it?

Hole 4

Anohter pathway trick to pull off for more overdrives. Like Sepia Wind, this hole should be a Par 5 hole because if you had followed the straight path from tee to pin, it is actually possible to Birdie it. But now, the path to green is a dogleg, making the distance to pin looks like 500y+ You can do 2 things to Birdie it, either:
1) Hit a Tomahawk Maximum Frontspin for your tee shot and then Tomahawk to green. This is abit redundant as you have to use 2 power bars or 1 power bar and 1 power potion.
2) Hit normally first, then hit Tomahawk Maximum Frontspin to the green. Saves at least one power bar, but if miss, you will hit the trees at the side and OB or land short Also if you decide to follow this way, do not shoot too far to the right, or you will suffer a 2W restrict.

Hole 5

That one is pretty short for a Par 5, but there are alot of setbacks in WindHill Hole 5. This is because the tee is further away from the pin, added with that a bunker is lying ahead. Moreover, the tree is blocking your 2nd shot to green and to top of it all, there are many tunnel winds to look out for.
Firstly, shoot AWAY from the bunker if your drive is below 248y. Then you can normal shoot or Tomahawk to the green for an eagle or albatross chip-in. Beware though, that the tree will block your way and your tomahawk/normal shot might hit it if you are not careful, rendering a Water Hazard or on a rough, if you are lucky.
Once again, putting this hole is really a headache.

Hole 6

This is a simple layout, with more disadvantages to come. As you can see in WindHill, theres yet another windmill blocking partially and a tunnel wind at the left hand side of the windmill. If your drive is below 246y, you have no choice but to Tomahawk across to avoid bunker in front. (Remember, the pin is further away in WindHill) From there on, the green is sloped downwards (meaning going ahead of you) so try not to overpower for Backspin or roll-in attempt.

Hole 7

Ahh finally, a Par 3 to HIO! But wait! Do you actually realize that your tee at Hole 7 got a small slope? And, theres still a tunnel wind exist to compensate. Other than that, the putt AGAIN is a real headache.

Hole 8

This is probably one of the hardest hole to tackle. Simply because the fairway at the safer path is severly slopy, rendering at worst 3W restriction combined with tunnel wind blowing AGAINST you. There are 3 ways to birdie this hole:
1) Tomahawk or hit frontspin on the lake towards rough. Please becareful tho, that the tee is placed further away than in Sepia Wind, so you will not get a good result if you are doing the same with 244y and below OR headwind situation.
2) Tomahawk to the LEFT-HAND side of the lake. Even though at worst you will get a 3I restriction, you can still birdie it easily.
3) If fortunately your shot is not restricted at the safer fairway route, you can tomahawk across to green.

Hole 9

This is a straight Par 5 Hole. Like Sepia Wind, you can either hit frontspin to bounce on the river before reaching the fairway or use the pathway trick (beware of tree!) The catch is, the pin location is further away so you might not reach the green for your 2nd shot, let alone attempting an albatross chip-in. The putt at this hole is really hard, so take your time adjusting.
For those who decide to use frontspin on the river, be reminded that, like Hole 8, you need a certain minimum drive to make it across, or you will end up Water Hazard as well. Be aware of strong head wind as well.

End of Front 9~

Back 9~

Hole 10

This one is really straightforward, but be warned, do not miss backspin for your second shot or you will have a very difficult putt to do or you will have to approach the green again and Par this hole.

Hole 11

This is one of the hard Par 5 to do the eagle putt. Simply because it is 600y+ and there are 2 trees blocking your way. DO NOT WASTE A SPIN POT unless you are certain of hitting Tomahawk Max Frontspin for tee shot under 9m front wind and drive of 250y and above.
Most of the time, use the pathway trick to get good Overdrives, but you must steer it away from the tree at the same time. To solve this, set your curve to the left, miss pangya to the right so that it will steer away from the tree and later on hitting the pathway. From there on, continue shooting for a Birdie putt.

Hole 12

Another hard hole to Birdie it. Simply because many pangsters use the left route only to find that they must use a Tomahawk to get on green or risk hitting a tree for 2nd shot. Even if they succeed, they must make a hard long putt for a birdie. To avoid this, use Tomahawk at the left route. Then, either Tomahawk again or Cobra to avoid a tunnel wind that blows against you.
HINT: It will be better if you cobra under the tree for your second shot. It is because initially, cobra ignores the wind, even tunnel wind will not affect the cobra shot at start.

Hole 13

Another chance to HIO it, but with yet another tunnel wind to compensate. The windmill is still there like Sepia Wind, but there will be a tree blocking part of the way to green.

Hole 14

This putt is the most nerve-wrecking to do in WindHill, simply because the slope is very uneven (or snake slope for some people), making the putt extremely difficult even if its short. For those who doesn't want to risk this hole, you can simply follow the fairway path, will extra caution of a bunker in front. To Birdie it, you have to get on the island which is blocked by the tree. Don't worry, the tree is not that important. Its the windmill that matters. If it blocks the entire path to green, then Powercurve is the only answer to get on green.

Hole 15

Another simple Par 4, with an exception that the hole is extremely uphill. Be reminded that if the pin is blocked by the tree, you must figure out how to steer your orb away from the tree. To make matters worse, if you miss Backspin for your 2nd shot, you will have to do a very dangerous approach from bunker or fairway.

Hole 16

Another chance to HIO if its of reasonable distance or wind. Windmills are again blocking your way. If your Tomahawk hits the windmill, be prepared to be Oh Beed . Tomahawk or frontspin on river is the only way to Birdie or HIO this hole.

Hole 17

You may think that you can do exactly the same as what you do at Sepia Wind Hole 17, but actually you can't. Its because the pin is placed further away, added with the tee being placed further back making this hole harder. Use a Spin Potion and hit Maximum Frontspin so that you can attempt an albatross chip or eagle putt. If however your drive is at least 246y and wind of 6m and above front, then there is no need to use the Spin Potion from tee shot.

Hole 18

The last hole, and its the one that screw many people who have broken their record. There are 2 ways to Birdie it:
1) Hit 3W backspin on the fairway and then Tomahawk or Cobra to the green. Be aware that if you miss either shot, the orb will either not reach the green or worse Water Hazard.
2) Hit 3W normal or backspin if your drive is long/tail wind in front of the lake and then Tomahawk to green. THis is easier because even if you miss, nothing is blocking your way, so don't fret about it.

FAQs about Wind Hill

1) Why the hell am i getting ? indicators? How can i know where it strikes???
A: This is normal through the course. To justify where the tunnel wind is, bring forward the camera in front. You should see a change in direction and ? wind. ? wind is normally perpendicular to the 1st shot. Better still. the direction and location is fixed, so after playing there a few times, you will roughly know where and which direction the tunnel wind blows.

2) How to justify ? winds?
A: It is roughly 1.2 to 1.5 times stronger than normal wind.

3) Argh! The greens are bouncy! How to chip in using 6I when appraching the hole??
A: It depends, if it is too close i recommend using 9I instead of 6I.

4) The putting layout is insane!!! I can't even do short putts argh!
A: This is because WindHill green slope is steeper than any other maps. So even if theres minor change of slope, move it a bit more, I'm sure you will get used to it

5) I don't feel like playing this map argh!!!
A: Don't fret. It is maybe because you decide to take a risk instead of going to a safer way or your drive is below 246y. Try again with 246y and do it carefully, I'm sure you can get decent scores between -7 and -13.

6) Is it possible to use the pathway on hole 18?
A: So far unfortuately its impossible. Tried it once in Sephia Wind and had a disastrous result (Water Hazard) Lucky I managed to par that hole. Don't take this risk as well in Wind Hill.

7) How to avoid my shot from being affected by that stupid ?m wind??
A: The only way to avoid it is to cobra through the tunnel wind. Initially, the cobra will lie low, ignoring the effect of wind. Using this same concept, you can use that trick to avoid such tunnel winds before it is carried up.

Credits to :
katydid (for giving some hints in WindHill)

Some hints:

Hole 2: hit slightly off-center (to compensate for wind) 3w bs from tee. This way your 2nd shot is affected by only 1 wind as opposed to 2 wind directions if you hit right. Also, because the strip of rough in front of the lake is shorter, if the pin is far to the right as seen from tee, if you go right chances are your 1st bounce might be on rough and land very far short.

Hole 3: curve left (meaning the ball will end up on the right) from tee. This will give you a much shorter 2nd shot. Be careful with 2nd shot, if you land short the rough will catch you and you'll end up far from the hole.

Hole 4: 1st shot be careful not to aim too far right, that will give you a 2w restrict which should kill your chances at birdie.

Hole 6: remember that the green slopes DOWNWARDS. Reduce distance for BS and roll-in attempts.

Hole 7: cobra ignores random wind by bypassing it completely. Don't try it in 9m crosswinds though

Hole 8/9: keep in mind that even though 240y users can do the FS on water trick on SW, because the tee is further away in WH you will not be able to FS on water in headwinds. Even ~250y users should be careful in strong headwinds, you won't always be able to cross the water nicely.
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Wind hill guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wind hill guide   Wind hill guide Icon_minitimeFri Aug 31, 2007 9:02 pm


Hole 10: again, the green slopes sharply downwards if the pin is very far back. Same applies as for hole 6.

Hole 13: watch out for the wind tunnels, and a toma is a must if the pin is behind the tree (cobras with long clubs will hit tree when they pop up, normal 1w will hit the tree for sure).

Hole 14: adjust tee shot power accordingly so that you can curve around the left side windmill on 2nd shot. Lots of curve helps for the 2nd shot. Also, avoid trying to go around the right side of the windmill - the rough will catch you and land you short if your curve is not good enough.

Hole 15: mad downhill slope in 3 dimensions. Count power carefully for BS. Also, if you get the pin behind the tree, hit your tee shot far to right if you want to use a short club to hit 2nd shot, otherwise you could clash 2nd shot.

Hole 18: hit tee shot with left curve + bs to set up a 2w cobra to pin (landing point near the edge of the rough and facing the hole with windmill on left and tree on right). Refer to the special shots demo video on the pangya site to see how it's done!
PS: miss = water hazard

BTW the directions of the ? winds are fixed, if you can learn them you never need to check again.

FYI holes where you would most likely want to use a power bar (or str pot) to achieve the best possible score are: 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, 13, 16, 17.

If you have a short 1w, power bars might be necessary also for the following holes: 6, 8 as well as double toma on h5 and possibly h9

(Outstation on work, cannot make any pictures to show the paths...)

EDIT: BTW h6 picture link is broken... not that you'd actually need help for playing h6.

for ?m(or random winds) winds its about +3m of the wind you ARE able to see(found out when i saw the arrows spinning for the winds).

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Wind hill guide
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