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 idiotic bandit guide

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PostSubject: idiotic bandit guide   idiotic bandit guide Icon_minitimeWed Sep 05, 2007 9:28 pm

1.0: Introduction

I made this guide for all the theif-hATERS out there. So there, little thief

MapleStory is a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG in which you can interact with
players, make friends, kill monsters and just have fun in general. In this
there are 4 classes to choose from, namely the Magician, Warrior, Bowman and
the Thief. You probably are interested in the Thief, since you're reading
But why on earth would you want to be a Thief?

1.1: Why a Thief?

Pros of a Thief ( as a class on the whole):
Great avoidability
Great damage
Has Haste, the ZOMG wanted skill that nobody has except Thieves
Coolest looking gear ^_^
Nice graphics on skills
Can jump-attack (more on this later)

Cons of a Thief:
Generally disliked by other Maplers
Easy to KS with (well this can be a con or pro)
Unstable damage

If you like cool-looking characters that dish out the hurt on a regular
the Thief is for you.

1.2: Bandit or Assassin?

Pros of a Bandit:

More stable damage compared to Assassins
Has Savage Blow, the coolest skill in the game
Daggers look better than Claws
Dagger Scrolls are cheaper than Claw Scrolls
The Chief Bandit's skills are better than a Hermit's on the overall
Generally has the cool factor
Less Bandits compared to Assassins

Cons of a Bandit:

No mob-control skills till the 3rd job
Not ranged
Uses A LOT of mana potions

Pros of an Assassin:

Has Lucky Seven, a superbly bloody broken skill
Jump attack has more effect here than on a Bandit
Levels rather fast (for a while)
Is very wanted for Party Quests
Has Alchemist, another broken skill

Cons of an Assassin:

Very common
Claws look like crap
Will be using L7 from 1st job to 3rd job
Can get really boring
Stars and good claws are ZOMG EXPENSIVE (much more than a Bandit's potion
Besides Alchemist and Meso Up, their 3rd job sucks!

Now you have to choose.
Bandits are cooler. Assassins are better.

be careful wat you choose

1.3: STR or LUK?

Another big question. STR bandits are Bandits who choose to add points to
in order to use daggers that require STR. LUK bandits do not touch STR, and
use LUK daggers.

STR bandits have more stable damage. This means that their damage range is
and it is easier to predict what damage they will do. However, their max
damage is
weak, due to the lack of LUK. STR bandits are also cheaper to maintain. LUK
have much higher maximum damage, but a wider damage range. They are more
to maintain.

STR daggers are slightly faster than LUK daggers(probably due to some bug,
this is unsure). This has been proven. However this evens out when LUK
bandits get
Dagger Booster.

So choose which Bandit you will become, and read on.

2.0: Becoming a Rogue

Now that's you've chosen to be a Bandit, you'll make your new character.
Make him
look nice, choose a weapon and get to rolling his stats. If you're a LUK
bandit, you'll
want a 4 for STR and INT. Any number will do for DEX and LUK. If you're a
STR bandit,
you only need a 4 for INT. Anything will do for STR.

If these stats seem hard to get, just persevere and keep trying. after all,
you want
your Bandit to be the best it can be, right?

Once you're level 10, go to Southperry and talk to Shanks. Pay him 150 mesos
and go
to Victoria Island. Once there, go to the guy next to Jane(I think his name
is Shane?)
and pay 100 mesos to go to Kerning City. Go to the Fusion Jazz Bar (ask for
people will usually help you) and talk to Dark Lord. Say yes when he asks
you if you
want to be a Thief, and wham, you're a Thief. Congrats.

Note: You MUST have your DEX at 25 to become a Rogue.

2.1: AP distribution

Level 1 to 10: Get your DEX to 25, as this is the requirement to become a
Rogue once
you reach level 10. Then put the rest into LUK.

Level 11 to 40: Your DEX should be twice your level. Everything else goes
into LUK.

Level 40 onwards: Add 1 DEX and 4 LUK every level.

2.2: 1st Job Skill Point distribution

Let's look at the Thief's skills before deciding what to add, shall we?

Nimble Body-- Master level:20
Increase accuracy and avoidability.

Notes: A definite must. Reduces usage of HP potions significantly.

Keen Eyes-- Master level:8
Increases the range of attack using throwing weapons such as throwing stars
& knives.

Notes: Completely useless for Bandits.

Disorder-- Master level:20
Temporarily decreases the morale of an opponent. Its weapon def. and attack
will suffer, and the attacking enemy will suddenly stop attacking. You can't
perform the attack on an enemy that's already in "disorder", however.

Notes: Not needed. Only put 3 points into this to unlock Dark Sight.

Dark Sight-- Master level:20
Use MP to hide behind the shadows. While hiding, the enemy won't attack you,
you can't attack back either. All movements other than attacking are
available. It's temporary, so you'll be back to normal after a while.

Notes: Very useful. Can get you out of sticky situations very often.

Lucky Seven-- Master level:20
Use MP to throw 2 throwing stars and apply damage based on LUK, regardless
of the rate of javelin mastery.

Notes: This is a Sin's skill, not a Bandit's! Don't touch this.

Double Stab-- Master level: 20
Use MP to quickly stab an enemy twice at once using a dagger.

Notes: Your main attack skill till you get Savage Blow.

The Skill Build!

Lvl 10: 1 Double Stab (1)
Lvl 11: 3 Double Stab (4)
Lvl 12: 3 Double Stab (7)
Lvl 13: 3 Double Stab (10)
Lvl 14: 3 Double Stab (13)
Lvl 15: 3 Double Stab (16)
Lvl 16: 3 Double Stab (19)
Lvl 17: 1 Double Stab (20 MAX), 2 Nimble Body (2)
Lvl 18: 3 Nimble Body (5)
Lvl 19: 3 Nimble Body (Cool
Lvl 20: 3 Nimble Body (11)
Lvl 21: 3 Nimble Body (14)
Lvl 22: 3 Nimble Body (17)
Lvl 23: 3 Nimble Body (20 MAX)
Lvl 24: 3 Disorder (3)
Lvl 25: 3 Dark Sight (3)
Lvl 26: 3 Dark Sight (6)
Lvl 27: 3 Dark Sight (9)
Lvl 28: 3 Dark Sight (12)
Lvl 29: 3 Dark Sight (15)
Lvl 30: 3 Dark Sight (18)

2.3: 1st job Gear

Now you will learn what you should have equipped at what levels.

Levels 1 to 10: Use the weapon and clothes you chose at the beginning. If
are lucky enough to get weapon or armour drops that you can use on Maple
by all means use them. Do Bigg's quest and pray for a Fruit Knife. If you
a Razor that's fine too. Note: You MUST do Bigg's quest, as it will reward
with a dagger, a Bandit's weapon of choice.

Levels 10 to 15: Use the dagger you got from Bigg's quest till level 15.
Stick with your beginner clothes till level 15. Note: If you can, buy
a Pan Lid if you are funded. However if you cannot, get a Stolen Fence. It
do for now. If you are planning to get a Wristguard, don't buy any shield
save your cash.

Levels 15 to 20: If you found a Field Dagger from Shrooms, equip it now. Or
go buy one from the Kerning City Self-Defense Item Store. Alternatively, you
continue with your Fruit Knife/Razor for just 3 more levels, then reward
yourself with a
shiny new Triple-tipped Zamadar. Wear the level 15 Night set. They add a bit
LUK, which increases your damage. Note: If you are funded, get yourself a
ASAP, preferably a Seclusion one. Or else, you have no choice but to stick
your Pan Lid/Stolen Fence.

Levels 20 to 25: Grab a Stinger and wear the level 20 Pao suit.

Levels 25 to 30: Buy a Brown Bamboo Hat ASAP. It adds 3 LUK! Wear the level
Sneak set and buy a Forked Dagger at level 27.

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idiotic bandit guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: idiotic bandit guide   idiotic bandit guide Icon_minitimeWed Sep 12, 2007 10:03 pm

must be chosen somewhere else from the maple story fansitez...HAHA, anyway, good job well done anyway, its a nice guide for newly rogues, like YOU!^.^
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idiotic bandit guide
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